The Stable Micro Systems Texture Analyser range supports a wide selection of special attachments, covering many application areas. This page details some of the accessories which are also available to enhance the use of the Texture Analysers across all areas of testing. Please note that some accessories are not compatible with some Texture Analyser models.


Video Capture and Synchronisation System

Acoustic Envelope Detector

Dynamic Integrated Balance

Video Capture and Synchronisation System*
Enables replay of visual recordings frame by frame, simultaneously with the corresponding force-distance-time graph. At the start of data collection, a signal activates recording via the Video Capture Interface. Data collected through the system is then processed by Exponent software.


Acoustic Envelope Detector*
This enables measurement of absolute acoustic levels calibrated to National Standards. It has high sensitivity to the frequencies emitted by crispy or crunchy products but low sensitivity to mechanical and general background noise.
Acoustic data can now be an integral part of the test alongside force, distance and time data.


Dynamic Integrated Balance*
Using this compact balance, sample weight - for example, from an extrusion test - can be fed directly into Exponent as part of a test sequence. The quantity and rate at which the product is removed is plotted on a second axis alongside the regular force data.


Low Force Loadcell

Humidity Temperature Module

PT100 Temperature Probe

Low Force Loadcell
The 500g loadcell provides high resolution force output, with noise reduced to at least ten times less than its 30kg counterpart, and offers the setting of lower trigger forces than is possible with other loadcell capacities.

See below for standard loadcells...

Humidity Temperature Module*
This module adds to the versatility of the Texture Analyser by providing the facility to capture accurate temperature and humidity data during a test.

More on temperature...

PT100 Temperature Probe*
This thermocouple probe plugs into the PT100 connector on the Texture Analyser, giving direct measurement over the temperature range -50°C to 250°C.

Barcode Scanner

Core borer

Probe Display Base

Barcode Scanner
With the aid of a BASIC script, a product barcode can be scanned to automatically select the correct project ready for testing, allowing even more automation and reducing user error.

Core Borer
For the preparation of repeatable diameter samples by insertion into the sample mass.

Probe Display Base
Perspex display bases are made to special order and can accommodate 6, 12 or 18 probes. They facilitate easy selection and safe storage. Probe code numbers and quantity must be specified when ordering.

Texture Analyser Dust Cover

Heavy Duty Platform

Texture Analyser Transportation Case

Dust Covers
Texture Analyser Dust Covers are made from waterproof light grey nylon with mid blue rib edging. They provide excellent environmental protection for the instrument when not in use.

Heavy Duty Platform
This is used for fixing many of the other attachments to the Texture Analysers. It ensures the precision alignment of probes and product samples. PTFE insulating pillars provide a thermal barrier to minimise heat transfer between the sample and the Texture Analyser.

Transportation Case
For customers who require their Texture Analysers to be moved around from one location to another. The watertight case is made from lightweight, strong HPX Resin with in-line wheels, 2 padlockable hasps, telescoping handle, four handles and seven press and pull latches. It accommodates a single column texture analyser with additional space for accessories and tools.

Video Playback Indicator

Shatter Screen

Safety Interlock Cabinet

Video Playback Indicator
With rapidly occuring events during a test, important visual features may be missed or may need to be viewed again at a later date. Video playback can be synchronised with test data so that frame by frame analysis is possible.

Shatter Screen
Constructed from heavy duty
perspex sheet and giving a high degree of protection during destruction testing, the Shatter Screen is a cost-effective option for any of the Texture Analyser range.

Safety Interlock Cabinet
In order to ensure maximum protection when testing brittle samples to destruction, this cabinet is available. 
The TA.XTplus fits inside the cabinet and will operate only when the door is safely shut.

Circular Sample Support

Bloom Jar and Centralising Base

Loadcell Kits

Circular Sample Support
Used to provide stable support
for circular samples for e.g.
penetration/compression tests
with the ability to retain any
potential fluid expressed during the test.

Bloom Jars and
Centralising Base
ISO Standard jar for Gelatine
testing. It has an internal diameter of 59mm and a capacity of approximately 155ml. A centralising base which fits in the heavy duty platform is also available for quick jar centralisation.

Loadcells are supplied calibrated over 0-100% of their range, the calibration
information being programmed into the non-volatile memory. This cannot be deleted by the user, but the loadcell can also be user calibrated with any calibration weight up to its maximum capacity. The user is informed at the beginning of each test which Calibration Information is being used. Loadcells are supplied in a protective case and are interchangeable. Full instructions and all installation tools required are supplied.

Flexible Clamping Arm

USB Remote Switch

Flexible Clamping Arm
The Flexible Clamping Arm is made from silver chrome and is 13 inches in length. This allows for a good degree of flexibility around the testing area. A strong clamp is positioned on the end of the arm, with spring-loaded jaws to hold a device firmly in place. It may be used for the holding of such devices as pipettes for those applications requiring
controlled water addition over the sample or for holding a temperature or humidity probe. Ideally this clamping arm can be attached to the leg of a Heavy Duty Platform.

Remote Switch
A USB User Programmable Remote Switch is now available which is able to replicate a key switch combination.
This would be particularly useful if your PC is not situated adjacent to your texture analyser and you wish to commence or observe a test whilst standing next to your instrument. The user is able to choose the desired keystroke combination they wish to replicate by setting small switches inside.


Dough Inflation System

Automated Linear Indexing System

Powder Flow Analyser

Dough Inflation System*
The D/R Dough Inflation System measures dough extensional rheology under conditions of strain similar to those of baking expansion, and enables the rheological properties of both dough and gluten to be measured during biaxial stretching. It combines ease of use with automatic data collection and rapid project-based data analysis. The procedure requires minimum handling of the dough when preparing samples. Typical results include Baking Strength, Tenacity, Extensibility and Elasticity.


Automated Linear Indexing System**
The Automated Linear Indexing System (ALIS) enables the loading of multiple test samples prior to testing and does not require constant supervision by the user during testing. It combines quick set-up on a TA.XTplus Texture Analyser with easy sample mounting. Test specimens are located in bespoke support plates; then, with prompted steps, testing conditions are set, tests are performed, and results are reported with little or no operator involvement.


Powder Flow Analyser*
The Powder Flow Analyser can be rapidly fitted to the Texture Analyser, enabling rapid, accurate assessment of powder characteristics and avoiding problems such as batch and source variation of ingredients, caking during storage/ transportation and problems with discharging from hoppers or bins. Users can fully program the instrument to carry out slicing, shearing, compressing, compacting and aerating cycles.


Information on Stable Micro Systems' range of attachments is available in a series of publications describing items suitable for use in specific industries. You may order any of these, along with more detailed brochures on each of the major peripherals above, from the Brochure Request page.

*Plus instruments only **TA.XTplus only

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