Speed up your Texture Analysis

The following options are also available to increase operator efficiency, improve product throughput and speed up your texture analysis testing via automation:

Automated Linear Indexing System (ALIS) >

Would you like to employ a texture analysis system which provides multiple loading of samples and their subsequent testing with 'walk-away' time for the duration of all tests?

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Automated Linear Indexing System

Bar Code Scanner

< Bar Code Scanner

With the aid of a barcode scanner, a product barcode can be obtained, which would automatically select the correct project ready for testing, allowing even more automation and reducing user error. This device is attached via the USB port on the PC.

Scan Product window

Remote Switch >

The foot-operated User Programmable Remote Switch can replicate a key switch combination. This may, for example, be used to start a test, useful if the PC is not situated adjacent to the texture analyser. The switch is connected to the PC via the USB port and the user is able, by setting small internal switches, to choose the keystroke combination to be replicated. The switch may be used up to 2.5m away from your PC.

Remote Switch

Batch Testing Window

< Batch Testing

Exponent software now boasts a 'batch testing window' (shown left) which facilitates a multiple testing protocol. The ability to add customisable operator prompts allows warning messages and instruction to the user to be configured.

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