AACC APPROVED METHOD 10.16.01 :

VolScan Profiler allows measurement,
analysis and comparison

The VolScan Profiler is a benchtop laser based scanner that measures the volume of bread and bakery products with maximum dimensions of 600mm long and 380mm diameter, with a typical test time of less than 60 seconds.

VolScan Profiler 600

Instead of just assessing the volume as with seed displacement methods the VolScan Profiler has the ability to automatically calculate several related parameters, such as height, width, length and weight.

It also enables the rapid 3-dimensional digitisation of products which can be archived and then treated mathematically to yield detailed dimensional information for immediate use or future retrieval.

This instrument rapidly provides the accurate data essential in the fields of both Quality Control and Product Development.

  • Rapid and accurate volume measurement

  • Typical test time less than 60 seconds

  • Easy location of sample

  • Weighs sample automatically

  • Full dimensional analysis

  • Allows full product or 'slice' analysis

  • Simple calibration

  • Spreadsheet archiving

  • 2D and 3D sample representations

  • Language Editor

  • Barcode scanner compatible

  • Measurements are operator independent

  • Force and volume verification possible


Things you couldn't test using seed displacement...

Traditionally, volume measurements of baked products have been obtained by the technique of seed displacement, in which the amount of rape seed or pearl barley packing around the loaf in a standard container is measured.

Whilst this method has been universally recognised for decades as indicative of baking quality, it is now considered primitive, inaccurate, tedious and laborious. Repeated calibration, operator dependence, loss of rapeseed due to spillage/adherence of seeds to the product or to static electricity, seed clumping due to moisture absorption, periodic sieving of the seed to remove food crumbs, the potential crushing of soft products and the manual recording of results are the common drawbacks affecting both the efficiency and the accuracy of the measurement.

Besides offering rapid 3-dimensional digitisation of products, it has the ability to measure objects that, due to their texture or size, was not possible with seed displacement. Soft, thin or brittle products with vulnerable structure due to toppings, or being easily altered by the compressive nature of seed displacement are easily mounted on the VolScan Profiler by a variety of supporting pins.

VolScan Profiler Universal Product Support components

The Universal Product Support is an optional accessory which extends the range of products which can be held within the instrument in order to be successfully tested. It provides a myriad of support solutions by presenting a 100mm diameter base with an array of pins of differing thicknesses and lengths.

The choice and arrangement of spikes and skewers depend on the dimensions and texture (e.g. brittleness, softness), weight, centre of gravity and contact area with the base. The aim is to provide vertical stability without damaging the sample structure and thereby allowing an accurate measurement of its dimensions and volume to be recorded during the test.

Shown here are some examples of various products and their differing recommended pin arrangements along with the rationale for their choice.

This Community Registered Design by Stable Micro Systems continues the expansion of product testing and analysis opportunities for the VolScan Profiler - a continuous development and improvement process which applies to all of Stable Micro Systems products.

VolScan product test samples

1: Soft and long product requiring support through its length; three medium spikes add extra support for stability of product base.

2: Soft yet heavy product requires long support and the spikes to be positioned wider apart; medium length spikes provide stability and distribute weight to avoid product sagging.

3: Where sample volume is small and uniform in size and shape, multiple pieces can be mounted and tested together on a skewer to provide a fast average result.

4: Where the product is brittle yet wide and has limited base contact, a row of small thin spikes is advised with the use of the top pin for vertical support.

The VolScan Profiler has bespoke software which provides unique features - to see a review of these, click here.

Why buy a Stable Micro Systems VolScan Profiler?

The VolScan Profiler sits comfortably within a market place in which Stable Micro Systems are already established measurement experts. 

The measurement of volume provides a complementary product and diversifies the range of measurement options that Stable Micro Systems already have such as the TA.XTplus for texture analysis and the D/R Dough Inflation System for assessment of dough extensional properties.

As with all Stable Micro Systems products, the instruments are supplied with lifetime application and technical support.


At the 100th American Association of Cereal Chemists Conference (AACC) in Minneapolis in October 2015, the VolScan Profiler was awarded the certificate of approval as an AACCI Standard Method with reference 10.16.01.

This is good news for all operators in the cereal science and bakery product testing world who are encouraged to use (or have greater preference for) Methods that are approved by the AACC.

The Method was taken through a collaborative study with 9 other laboratories in 4 countries who followed the procedure and reported their results from the measurement of the same samples. The measurement of Volume, Length, Height and Width are all part of the Standard Method, making it the approved Method with more scope in parameters and breadth of bakery samples than any similar Method using competitive equipment.

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