Unique Features

  • Software written and developed in-house and durability of software

  • 3D grab and spin viewing - rotatable in all planes with user-defined product colour

  • Specific Volume measurement as standard

  • Automatic temperature measurement of chamber at start of each test (product surface temperature measurement available as option)

  • Force and volume verification possible

  • Language editor (to allow for software translation into any language)

  • Full guide available in Help file format advising on optimum test settings and sample data

  • Data can be sorted by any column header and statistics adjusted according to new data selection

  • Data can be viewed in or exported to Excel

  • Results can be quickly emailed by clicking on the Mail To button which automatically opens up a message window in Outlook and attaches the active window

  • A Report template is available into which data can be dropped and automatically positioned or modified with full Report Editing tools and saved as a .pdf file

  • Barcode scanner compatible 

VolScan software screens



We are constantly amazed at the testing challenges with which we are presented here at Stable Micro Systems.

Our customers facing rigorous new quality control demands need accurate, repeatable solutions to their texture analysis and volume testing needs.

We have recently been asked for a means of testing multiple products simultaneously, followed by post-test analysis of the data of each sample piece. One such example is in the testing of multiple bread rolls, the objective being to save time, to give an average volume and weight and then create individual scan files of each roll.

Testing multiple products

The VolScan Profiler 300 scan result shown here is of 3 rolls mounted on a skewer. A new feature of the VolScan Profiler software is the ability to easily separate a multi-product scan into individual sections. By selecting the first and last slice of your chosen section of the multiple scan, a red and blue line highlights each roll, which can then be extracted to create a new 2D and 3D scan.

Each section can be highlighted and extracted individually, or multiple scans created in a one-step operation. The data from each scan file is automatically placed into the spreadsheet which can be readily reported, exported or emailed.

The latest software versions are available to download free of charge.

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