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If you have a technical problem that you can’t find a solution to on our common issues page then we can help. Please fill in the form giving as much detail as possible and our expert support team will be in touch to resolve your issue.
Alternatively you could request help from your distributor. You may get a faster response. You can find their details on the start screen of your software or on our distributor page.

TA.XTplusC Texture Analyser
TA.XTplus100C Texture Analyser
TA.XTExpressC Texture Analyser
TA.HDplusC Texture Analyser
TA.XTplus Texture Analyser
TA.XTplus100 Texture Analyser
TA.XTExpress Texture Analyser
TA.HDplus Texture Analyser
TA.XT2i Texture Analyser
TA.HDi Texture Analyser
Volscan Profiler
Powder Flow Analyser
Which software package are you currently using?
Exponent Connect
Exponent Connect Lite
Exponent Lite
Exponent Lite Express
Texture Expert Exceed
Texture Expert
Volscan Profiler / Ceramscan
Found on the back of your instrument.
Found in the Help > About menu of your software
Found in the Help > About menu of your software
Found in Start > Settings > System > About panel of your Windows operating system
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