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We make world-class scientific instruments to enable our customers to find innovative solutions to their testing challenges.

Some of our range of instruments for texture analysis, materials testing, volume and density meaaurement and powder flow analysis

Our aim is to provide robust instruments, clever software, stellar service and in-depth support to our customers so they can jump straight to a standard method, or find inventive ways to achieve their testing goals. From stents to sausages, cosmetics to car upholstery, we’re regularly surprised, amazed and delighted to see what our customers are testing with our instruments.

Our story

Stable Micro Systems was started in 1989 by a check-weigher manufacturer, a draughtsman from a Formula 1 consultancy and an expert in electronics design. From humble beginnings in a stable, the founders progressed to Nissen huts and took on software, sales and assembly staff to get the business going. By 1995, they had established a strong distributor network across the globe and had outgrown the space they had. The company was moved to Godalming, Surrey (approx 50km outside of London) where they were then able to assemble, market, sell, develop and ship instruments to meet the growing demand in new markets and countries.

With the input from a team of software, electronics and mechanical engineers the first instrument model was redesigned and launched in 2002 furnished with all of the features that had been requested by customers, including being the first texture analyser to be able to collect other device data simultaneously and thereby vastly expanding a customer’s testing possibilities.

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"In our cosmetic laboratories, the texture analyser TA.XTplus is used so extensively that we needed two instruments – one for hair and another for skin research. We use a large selection of probes, of which some have been made specifically for our needs (e.g. the soap press) and some upgraded based on our feedback (e.g. the hair combing rig). Over the last 15 years, SMS has provided a prompt, reliable and high-quality support, in both IT and technical areas. As a result, dozens of MSc and other research projects have been completed in our laboratories using texture analysis as one of the key methods. Many of them have been presented at international conferences and/or published as journal articles."

Dr Danka Tamburic Professor of Cosmetic Science | London College of Fashion

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