Egg Quality Testing

The Stable Micro Systems suite of egg testing procedures

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This system provides the tools that enable the producer and packer of eggs to accurately and consistently measure the quality of their produce.

They can regularly  monitor a range of parameters to ensure that their eggs meet the required quality standards and that these are maintained throughout the laying period.

TA.XTExpress Texture Analyser 

This instrument uses Exponent Lite Express software which has been enabled with additional modules for this special application. The software provides the operator with parameter options from which to choose the tests to be performed on each egg.

14 measurements in 4 minutes...

Whole Egg Weight
Dry Shell Weight
Shell Breaking Strength / Shell Deformation
Albumen Height / Haugh Unit Calculation
Shell Thickness
Vitelline Membrane Strength (Yolk Rupture)
DSM Yolk Colour Fan (for manual matching / input)

Each test (collecting data at 400 points per second) obtains an accurate measurement. Step by step software commands and diagrams guide the operator through test procedures easily, while probes are magnetically located to enable quick removal and switching between tests.

Data from each test or batch can be printed out at the end of each testing session, and can be viewed and acted upon or archived. The software also produces a report to include means, standard deviations and coefficients of variation.

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