How a Volscan Profiler works

Learn what a Volscan Profiler is and how it is applied for dimensional measurement.

The Volscan Profiler is a benchtop laser-based scanner that measures the volume, density and dimensional profiles of solid products.

Operational overview

The Volscan Profiler scans test samples using an eye-safe laser to produce the fundamental measurements of volume, density as well as other measurements including surface area, height, width, length and weight which are then available for analysis in the feature-rich software.

Preparing and running a typical test

The product is speared at each end or located by a suitable mounting device tailored to the specific product. Parameters for each batch under test, which are entered into the software by the operator, include: sample ID name and date. The product is then automatically weighed and an eye-safe laser device is used to scan vertically to measure the contours of the product at selectable intervals whilst it rotates.

Each interval consists of 400 data points providing a detailed profile of the product. This assessment can be done rapidly, the results being obtained in a period ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes depending upon the chosen interval (0.05mm to 50mm) and the preferred precision. Temperature of the testing chamber can be measured automatically.

For every product scanned the following information is automatically calculated and displayed alongside the 2D and 3D scans:

Weight, Specific Volume, Volume Yield, Product Density, Length, Surface Area, Max Height, Width at Max Height, Aspect Ratio at Max. Height, Max Width, Height at Max. Width, Aspect Ratio at Max Width, Height of Middle Slice, Width of Middle Slice, Aspect Ratio of Middle Slice, Minimum Enclosing Circle, Max Inclusive Square Volume, Trim Percentage, Circumference, Area of Maximum Projection, Largest Radius, Frizziness, Symmetry, Surface Texture.

A full guide is available in Help File format to assist in setting up and performing tests, explaining the calculations and advising on optimum test settings to suit your product.

Step-by-step video tutorials

The Volscan Profiler can be used according to the AACC Standard Method: Volumetric and Dimensional Profile Determination of Baked Products using Laser Topography – Volscan Profiler Method – 10.16.01. To follow the steps of this method watch our video

If you’re looking for a great demonstration of how a Volscan Profiler works given by an expert from University College Birmingham (UCB) Bakery and Patisserie Technology which explains how to get testing your products, watch this video. UCB is renowned for its outstanding food industry training facilities and trains specifically in the field of bakery and patisserie technology.

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