Medical Device Physical Property Measurement

Let us show you a range of possibilities of how to measure the physical properties of medical devices with a texture analyser.

Measure a multitude of physical properties in a huge range of different ways

Texture analysis, which has long been used by the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries, is increasingly used to evaluate properties of medical devices. Texture analysis refers to such properties as firmness, adhesiveness, cohesiveness, tackiness and swelling as well as fatigue and relaxation behaviour or products.

For many of these tests, standard methods lag behind product development. Typical measurements for the TA.XTplus Texture Analyser include the actuation force of an inhaler, the compressive strength of stents and contact lenses, the strength of medical adhesives and the firmness of breast implants. Regulatory agencies, including the FDA, have used the TA.XTplus Texture Analyser to evaluate medical devices.

In addition, the patent literature increasingly relies on texture analysis as a quantitative tool to validate claims. The Texture Analyser by Stable Micro Systems is flexible and accurate with an easy calibration process for high precision measurements of single tests or cyclic testing of active implants such as diaphragms, pumps and switches.

A wide range of MEDICAL DEVICE test methods is built into Exponent Texture Analyser software and will automatically load at the click of a button. We help make your testing quicker to access and the analysis of your product properties already prepared for you.

Typical measurements include: • Needle Sharpness • Extrusion Force • Metering Valve Performance • Material Strength • Tensile Strength • Compression Fatigue • Bond Strength • Puncture Resistance • Syringeability • Surface Tack • Flexibility / Rigidity •

Over the years we’ve worked with top scientists and companies in the field to develop such fixtures as the Metered Dose Inhaler. When the test solution didn’t exist we went ahead and developed it – the Universal Syringe Rig is a classic example of our Community Registered Designs.

We are totally dedicated to the physical property measurement of medical devices – but don’t just take our word for it, read an example of what our customers have to say.

Any of the texture analyser range can be used for the product tests listed. 

A selection of special attachments and typical measurements which are commonly used in this application area are shown, although this does not necessarily include the complete range available for the testing of medical devices. Test procedures include: compression, puncture / penetration, tension, fracture / bending, extrusion, cutting / shearing.

Hypodermic needle sharpness test

Needle Sharpness

Determined by standard substrate penetration, this is an important characteristic for patient comfort.
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Packaging seal test

Tensile Grips

Used for the assessment of Seal Strength (an important characteristic of packaging to ensure sterile integrity).
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