Other Test Types

Learn about additional testing options, when to use these test types and the typical probes and fixtures for use on your Texture Analyser.

We don’t just measure materials in traditional ways that others do. Our Texture Analyser range gives full flexibility to provide traditionally understood library tests or the ability to program the Texture Analyser to perform any action required. By the provision of a test sequencing unit in Exponent software and the ability to challenge us with any new test method and fixture you require, we can deliver new and innovation solutions for your test method requirement. Our probes and fixtures range has developed due to the need for new ways to hold/support and test samples in ways that haven’t been previously available for traditional test methods. Instead of using the Texture Analyser in an up and down mode you could, for example, support the instrument on its side and measure friction in a horizontal plane. Alternatively, if you need to mimic an action that a consumer typically performs in their use of a product why not challenge us to design a fixture that gives you the ability to imitate this during a test. No-one has a wider range of innovative test solutions than Stable Micro Systems which is why we Community Register our designs to protect our ideas from being copied by others!

Additional example miscellaneous properties that can be measured with a Texture Analyser

Disintegration, grating force, friction, abrasion, scoopability, combability, powder flow analysis etc.

To understand how these properties are measured go to the Textural Properties page.

Probes and fixtures that can be used

To understand how these fixtures are designed and manufactured visit the Texture Analysis Attachments page.

Other probes/fixtures and accessories are available to accommodate many specialist needs, or can be designed and manufactured to a specific customer brief.

Items with codes prefixed 'HDP/' must be used with the HDP/90 Heavy Duty Platform.

Items tagged * are Community Registered Designs.

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