Education Zone – unrivalled built-in advice and assistance

Once you’re using a Texture Analyser we want to make sure your testing is optimised. Education Zone is our in-built library, with comprehensive learning material to help you get the most from your instrument.

Within Education Zone you will find:

Application Studies

Over 200 starting point test procedures and projects are included to automatically load into your instrument. These studies demonstrate a viable test method for a wide range of specific products, and also act as an ideal starting point for studying similar products. Detailed reports present typical results and interpretation.

Test methods can be chosen by:
• Product type
• Probe/fixture
• Textural/physical property
• Standard methods

Step-by-step tutorials

A range of tutorials have been written to guide new users through basic procedures of using the software, step-by-step. Printer friendly versions are available.

Introduction / principles

If you are new to texture analysis/materials characterisation you may need a background understanding of its principles. These include:

Which probe to use
Our range of probes and fixtures and their setup and testing instructions are explained with links to relevant application studies and video clips to demonstrate the devices in action.

Which property to measure
Examples of different ways to measure a specific texture or material property, the fixtures to use and the typical regions of a curve to analyse to obtain your relevant parameters are explained.

The standard approach
A selection of methods that are suited to using a Texture Analyser according to a Standard are included.

Probe guide

Learn which probe to use and how to use it, what each probe is most suited to testing and notes on optimum set-up and application.

Data analysis techniques

We provide guidance on understanding the ways to analyse your curves and the calculation options available. Sample macros, projects, basic scripts and advanced methods are included. The range of data analysis techniques is unrivalled.

Published papers

Read how others are using our instruments in research, their collected data and innovative solutions to testing challenges. There's a reason why we are the most academically referenced Texture Analyser according to Google Scholar Search. Find out more

Video clip library

See how typical tests are performed with our comprehensive collection of video clips. These are available for users to include as supporting material within their own presentations if required.

Recommended literature

We’ve done the research for you – see our list of the most useful books and articles to help further your knowledge in your chosen area.

Social media

Follow us on a social media channel for daily inspiration. We share how our instruments are being used around the world: the creation of new products, the filing of ground-breaking patents, the ways that the instrument is being applied in applications that will change the future of our food, personal products and innovative materials.

No-one knows more about how to measure texture and characterise material properties than we do. If you still need assistance to optimise your testing we’re help to help. Get support

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