Specification and Accessories

The Powder Flow Analyser offers the widest range of powder and end product tests in one instrument.

Powder Flow Analyser

Technical Specification

Movement and Measurement/Performance

Force Down: 5kg (50N) maximum

Force Up: 5kg (50N) maximum

Force Resolution: ± 0.5%

Force Zero Hysteresis: < ± 0.2g

Rotor Tip Speed for 48mm blade
Dependent on test angle
At 0°: 0 to 754mm/sec (300rpm max rotational speed)
At 90°: 40mm/sec*

Rotor Tip Speed for 23mm Blade
Dependent on test angle
At 0°: 0–350mm/sec
At 90°: 40mm/sec*

Vertical travel
180mm minimum*

Data Acquisition Rate
2000 points per second


Component parts contained within Texture Analyser dimensions*

Operating Conditions

Dust and splash resistant
Temperature: 0–40°C

Component Vessels

Precision bore, borosilicate glass tube

· 25mm diameter – 45ml volume
· 50mm diameter – 200ml volume
· 50mm diameter split vessel – 200ml volume


Selective Laser Sintered DMLS Stainless Steel 316 with surface finish polish to Ra 0.5 micron

· 23.0mm diameter x 10mm wide
· 48.0mm diameter x 10mm wide

Power Requirements

Supply voltage range: 90 to 264VAC
Input frequency range: 47Hz to 63Hz

*Dependent on instrument model

Accessories for the Powder Flow Analyser

The following accessories are available for attachment to the Powder Flow Analyser to extend your powder property measurement options:

Vessels, rotors and blade accessories for the Poweder Flow Analyser

Test Vessels

Vessels hold the required volume of powder/granule material to enable powder flow measurements to be performed.

Precision tube in borosilicate glass with removable acetal base attachment ring to enable easy cleaning.

Vertical alignment and radial tolerance better than ± 0.05mm. Special materials and sizes on request.

Vessels are supplied individually or in sets of 3 and are available in 2 sizes:

• Typical sample volume 100-200ml: 50mm internal diameter / 130mm total height
• Typical sample volume 20-35ml: 255mm internal diameter / 80mm total height


Rotors provide controlled powder flow via patented precision blade action and enable measurement of caking, cohesion and powder flow speed dependence.

Shafts: 6mm diameter 316 Stainless Steel

Blades: 48mm diameter and 10mm height. Precision machined to optimise blade form. Over Anodised (Clear) Aluminium Alloy or 316 Stainless Steel as standard. Special materials and sizes on request.

Additional Technical Information

Published papers that refer to the use of the Powder Flow Analyser

Patents that refer to the use of the Powder Flow Analyser

Installation Guide

For existing customers who wish to receive an A3 poster to assist with the installation and use of the Powder Flow Analyser, please contact: sales@stablemicrosystems.com

Powder Flow Analyser installation poster

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