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Whatever your testing requirements – from sausages to stents, personal care products to powder – we have an instrument to suit.

The Connect Texture Analyser range

Which Texture Analyser should I choose?

Your choice of instrument is likely to depend upon your maximum force requirement, your maximum operating distance requirement, the simplicity of your testing needs or your desire to operate with the most sophisticated data analysis and presentation features and expandability of additional data collection, either now or in the future.

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If you are unsure of what specification of instrument you need, let us help you understand the benefits of each model or whether your require a PlusC series or ExpressC series of instrument. We can help you conduct a cost-benefit analysis for each instrument option to achieve your current and future testing needs. Request advice from an expert

The TA.XTExpressC Texture Analyser

An entry level and QC-based texture analysis option when compared to our sophisticated full-featured Plus range. It offers cost-effective portable analysis for a wide range of low force applications. With a choice of two dedicated software packages or keypad operation, the instrument is easily configured to meet the user's exact requirements. Test profiles are stored for immediate use and the results analysed automatically using either 'in-built' Standards, such as TPA or Bloom, or product specific procedures.

TA.XTplusC Texture Analyser

A small portable solution for texture analysis and mechanical property measurement of your materials, measuring up to 50kg in force, and is consequently the most popular choice for universal texture analysis.

The TA.XTplus100C Texture Analyser

This instrument retains the benefits of the TA.XTplusC, with the additional capability of utilising forces up to 100kg, along with an improved distance resolution, doubled to 0.0005mm. This instrument is therefore more favourable to the testing of harder products or those with greater tensile strength and elongation measurement needs – the highest force and distance choice in a single column instrument.

TA.HDplusC Texture Analyser

Offers a maximum force capacity of 750kg (7.5kN), and a family of intelligent, factory calibrated loadcells down to 0.5kg. It can perform precision testing to a few grams without compromising accuracy, whilst providing the required rigidity to accommodate measurements of considerably higher force for heavy-duty and materials testing applications. The greater testing bed area and height range offer the ability to test much larger samples within a twin column frame, making this instrument the obvious choice for users testing a wide range of products, or for those who have an uncertain future product testing requirement.

Why is a plus model of instrument the best choice?

Whether you choose a TA.XTplusC, a TA.XTplus100C or a TA.HDplusC, a Plus model of instrument offers the most versatile and innovative materials characterisation solution.

Distance resolution
Micron level distance resolution allows this extraordinarily well-engineered instrument to provide precise deformation of materials and extremely thin/small samples.

High speed data collection
Only Plus instruments can collect data at 2000 points per second. This will provide enhanced detail to your sample testing which could be crucial to those tests that involve fracture or quick events that could otherwise be missed with less data.

Exponent Connect software
Unparalleled in its data analysis and presentation formats, Exponent Connect software is the choice for operators looking to take advantage of all of the options available in the design of their testing solution. Multi-stage programming allows users to define individual arm sequences at various speeds, forces and distances, conduct sinusoidal or constant strain rate tests, in either compression or tension.

Additional Measurement Options
If you wish to measure and plot temperature, humidity, sound, weight, resistance and synchronise video captured frames with your data you’ll need a Plus instrument. Additionally, a Powder Flow Analyser or Dough Inflation System are examples of devices that can be attached and controlled offering expansion of your measurement options.

Automation Options
The Plus range allows automation of your testing protocols and analysis to provide efficiency to your product testing. The attachment of an Automated Linear Indexing System is one such example, only able to attach to Plus instruments.

Future proof innovation
All of the best features and ideas are built into the Plus range of instruments. Whether you need the features now or in the future, we will continue to enhance the performance of the instrument and improve the data analysis options of its software beyond the scope of competitive instruments. The Plus range is a choice of long-term investment that keeps pace with your evolving testing needs.

Compare Texture Analyser models

Exponent Software


Whether you require a simple test and data analysis solution or a fully featured software package – we give you the choice.

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Automated Linear Indexing System


Increase your sample throughput, walk away time and testing efficiency with several automation options.

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