Confectionery Texture Measurement

Let us show you a range of possibilities for measuring textural properties of confectionery products with a texture analyser.

Measure a multitude of textures from raw ingredients to finished product.

Whether it's pillowy fondant, sticky caramel, gooey chocolate spread or glossy glazes, today’s consumers of confectionery want it all, demanding products that deliver on taste and texture alike. Extra crunchy, super crispy – texture descriptions on new products have become more elaborate over the last couple of years, along with the increasing use of superlatives to convey the ultimate texture experience.

It’s not just the words that are getting more elaborate. Visual texture descriptions are also receiving more prominence on packaging, while the size of the texture-evoking words is also increasing. Texture has become more dominant due to bigger inclusions such as chunks, clusters and nuggets, more innovative shapes have evolved to help achieve extra crunch or improved taste and the idea of providing a multitude of textures all at once, such as chewy, smooth and crunchy.

The myriad of ingredients available to formulate such texturally amazing products is endless. Once designed, however, the texture will need to be quantified because, after it’s bought and favoured, any new confectionery product will then survive only as long as the manufacturer is able to provide it at consistent quality to meet the consumer’s expectations.

A wide range of CONFECTIONERY PRODUCT test methods is built into Exponent Texture Analyser software and will automatically load at the click of a button. We help make your testing quicker to access and the analysis of your product properties already prepared for you.

Typical measurements include: • Firmness / Hardness • Stickiness • Stringiness • Tensile Strength • Coating Crispness • Break Strength / Snapping Force • Flexibility • Gel Strength • Fracturability • Springiness •

Over the years, we’ve worked with top scientists and companies in the field to develop such fixtures as the Flexible Substrate Clamp for measuring sweet wrapper release and the Acoustic Envelope Detector for the extra dimension of sound measurement.

No one knows more about the texture analysis of confectionery products – but don’t just take our word for it, read an example of what our customers have to say.

Any of the texture analyser range can be used for the product tests listed. 

A selection of special attachments and typical measurements which are commonly used in this application area are shown below, although this does not necessarily include the complete range available for the testing of confectionery products. Test procedures include: compression, puncture / penetration, tension, fracture / bending, extrusion, cutting / shearing.

Confectionery Holder with sweet sample

Confectionery Holder

Allows complete penetration and withdrawal of the sample, through holes in the plates, whilst avoiding sample slippage, movement or lifting.


Testing Chewing Gum with Tensile Grips

Tensile Grips

Can be used to measure tensile strength or flexibility of e.g. chewing gum sticks, liquorice.
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Film Support Rig

Film Support Rig

This rig allows testing of thin, film-like products to measure their burst strength, resilience and relaxation properties.
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Cylinder Probe test on Ice Lolly

Cylinder Probe

A small diameter cylinder probe (extended) can be used to e.g. assess ice juice coating and internal ice cream hardness.
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Knife Blade test on choc ice bar

Knife Blade Set

A standard knife blade may be used to assess the force required to cut through chocolate coating and the underlying ice cream of a choc ice.
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Ice cream attachments

Ice Cream Attachments

Special attachments to measure scooping force of soft ice creams; and test the fracture strength of ice cream cones.
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