Innovation, Education and Application in scientific instrument and software design

Stable Micro Systems offers you not only the world-leading Plus range of Texture Analysers, along with software, probes, attachments, peripherals and accessories, but also Materials Testing equipment and the Volscan Profiler Volume Measurement System.



We are totally dedicated to designing the solutions to your testing challenges. Whether it’s with new software features or a new test method or fixture, we will push the boundaries of texture analysis to the limit.

User Training


No-one knows more about Texture Analysis than we do. We share this with you by embedding an Education Zone in your texture analysis software providing the background support material you need to get the best from your instrument.

Test with video recording on TA.HDplus


The possibilities of applying a Texture Analyser to measure the physical properties of your product are endless. Our unrivalled application studies library will be of primary importance to you to find the optimum method to test your product.

Stable Micro Systems' roots lie in high quality design and development engineering. We hope that this will be evident when you see the engineering excellence built into every one of our instruments and accessories. Our design and development skills are honed by our own applications laboratory tests and by feedback from our customers.

We do not just manufacture texture analysers and volume measuring instruments; we strive to provide all our users with ongoing support and information to enhance their instrument understanding and increase the background knowledge available to them – throughout the lifetime of their instrument.

Pioneering Texture Analysis

There’s a reason why we are the most academically referenced Texture Analyser in the world (according to Google Scholar) – we offer the most complete cutting edge solution.

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