Other Powder-related Tests

We don't just measure powder flow – we have the complete testing solution from start to finish.

Powder to tablet

Beneath your Powder Flow Analyser lies a texture analyser – extending your testing possibilities dramatically.

When coupled with a Powder Flow Analyser, the TA.XTplusC Texture Analyser gives you a complete range of testing solutions for both your powders and end-products making it the most universal instrument choice.

Within the same instrument, users can experience an extensive set of well-established testing possibilities such as Unconfined Yield Stress, uniaxial compression with the Powder Compaction Rig, diametral tablet compression using Cylinder Probes and granule compressibility using a Granule Compaction Rig.

Single particle mechanical strength and progressive swelling/disintegration of granules and pellets also expand the myriad of tests available for samples from powder to finished product. Alternative powder flow measurements do not provide such a comprehensive range of testing possibilities.

Take a tour of the range of applications your instrument can be used for to complement Powder Flow Analysis:

Multiple granule compression using Cylinder Probe

Cylinder Probes

Can provide a means of measuring the progressive swelling of granules/pellets.

PFA Split Vessel

Split Vessel

Allows the accurate preparation of a precise volume of conditioned powder which is weighed and subsequently bulk density is automatically calculated.

PFA Compression Probe

Powder Compression Probe

For assessment of compressibility by applying increasing levels of compression to a conditioned powder column.

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