The Powder Flow Analyser

An accurate and reliable method of measuring the flow characteristics of powders.

Powder Flow Analyser

Why choose a Powder Flow Analyser?

Controlled Flow measurement

Test virtually any material capable of flow and displacement – not just free flowing powders. Impose extremely gentle through to aggressive flows, and measure the resulting force to characterise the sample under those controlled conditions. Users can define sample flow to suit the sample type and characteristic of interest, or to be complementary to the process conditions experienced by the sample.

Apply multiple actions

Compaction, slice, shear, lift/aeration are all achievable and test programmable in the manner most suited to the sample and your process need.

Measure multiple characteristics

Measure cohesion, caking, bridging, bulk density, compressibility, relaxation, stiffness, elastic recovery, and powder flow speed dependence.

The complete testing solution

Stable Micro Systems use the test frame and vertical drive system provided by a universal Texture Analyser, and add the rotational drive and software functionality to form the Powder Flow Analyser. Remove the Powder Flow Analyser for the ability to measure more powder characteristics such as: caking after consolidation, unconfined yield stress, vertical shear strength and compactability. Alternative powder flow products are not nearly as comprehensive.

Superior engineering for accurate results

Our blade is a true helix and can be mathematically described, unlike the blades fitted to other powder measuring devices on the market.

Precision blade

Built to last

Coupled with easy-to-use Exponent Connect software, this versatile instrument is extraordinarily well-engineered for long-term reliability and accuracy.

Run from any device

All Stable Micro Systems Connect series Instruments are capable of operation by the standard equipment Touchscreen Interface as well as by a desktop or laptop PC. In addition, they may also be operated from a mobile phone or tablet using the Browser Interface. Learn more

Powder Flow Analyser Controlled Flow provides:

User programmable tests that displace the sample by slicing, shearing, compressing, compacting, mixing, and aerating; in any combination, and in any sequence

Exact repetition of the test sequence best suited to your need, time after time. Test Settings can be optimised to show the maximum differentiation between similar products, or to imitate the process or storage handling conditions, experienced by the product.

Independence from variable sample loading by pre-conditioning at the start of the test

Extremely gentle through to aggressive displacements

Measurement and analysis of force, time, and distance; parameters that define the sample behaviour during the programmed Controlled Flow

Objective, numeric, automated analysis, characterising of the flow behaviour of the sample during Controlled Flow

Features and benefits of the PFA

Repeatability and Reproducibility

Controlled Sample Flow enables the powder column sample to be pre-conditioned before the actual test cycle. This provides independence from operator sample loading techniques and results in repeatable sample flow programs that provide reproducible results.

Precision machined and surface finished rotors and blades for displacing the powder and borosilicate glass or stainless steel test vessels assist in reproducibility of results. Meanwhile, software allows data capture at up to 2000 points per second (pps) providing detail for analysis enhancement.

Sample size

From less than 20ml to over 200ml – where samples of bulk solids are extremely rare or very expensive, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry, samples down to 20ml can be analysed.

Ease of use

Samples can be pre loaded into sample vessels and pre conditioned for humidity and temperature. Additionally, test vessel bases are easily removed to enable thorough, simple cleaning.

Flexibility and versatility

Customise sample test projects, create your own protocols to test in another way or analyse data to collect additional parameters.

Measure additional physical parameters of your powder or finished product (e.g. Unconfined Yield Stress, Granule Crush Strength, Cake Compression Strength) with optional accessories for the Texture Analyser. The testing possibilities are endless.

Avoid typical problems

Manufacturers can assess and avoid typical problems such as batch and source variation of ingredients, caking during storage or transportation and problems with discharging from hoppers or bins.

Why choose a Stable Micro Systems product?

powder flow analyser statistics

The instrument of choice for leading companies and universities across the globe

While our consumers are aware that our instrument is the best in the world, their decision to purchase one is not just based on the hardware. Ultimately, it all comes down to the service we provide to all of our customers. When considering the purchase of a laboratory instrument, our clients consistently cite our experience and desire to assist them with testing issues of all shapes and sizes as the number one reason why a Stable Micro Systems instrument is, and will always be, their first option.

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