Additional measurement options

Measure more than force – sound, video, temperature – just a few of the non-textural properties that can be measured simultaneously.

Texture analyser options

Whilst a TA.XTplus/TA.HDplus Texture Analyser is commonly used for the collection of force, distance and time data, it also has the capability of capturing additional measurements.

For products that are temperature sensitive, a range of temperature control options can connect to the Texture Analyser and enable control, capture and monitoring of temperature. Additionally, for brittle samples (or products that emit ‘noise’ during testing) an Acoustic Envelope Detector provides the means to collect sound data which can offer ‘a fourth dimension in texture analysis’.

By fitting a Powder Flow Analyser onto your Texture Analyser, you have the ability to measure powder flow. Meanwhile, the installation of a Dough Inflation System will convert your Texture Analyser to enable measurement of pressure and volume whilst inflating dough. All data can be viewed graphically and, in the case of sound, weight, humidity and temperature, can be plotted on a second Y axis (effectively overlaying your texture data) to be able to see any correlations that may be present.

In the case of Video Capture & Synchronisation – why miss a texture analysis moment, when you can record and replay your tests later (frame by frame) to obtain a clear understanding of your sample's behaviour.

Additional options for your lab

Texture Analysis probes

Probes and attachments

The Texture Analyser uses a range of different probes and attachments according to your specific application.

Exponent Software


Whether you require a simple test and data analysis solution or a fully featured software package – we give you the choice.

Peltier cabinet

Temperature Control

If your product is temperature sensitive, we have a range of temperature monitoring and control options.

Acoustic Envelope Detector setup

Additional measurement options

By attaching peripheral devices you can collect additional measurement parameters during your standard texture analysis test.

Automated Linear Indexing System


Find out how to increase your sample throughput, walk away time and testing efficiency with several automation options.

Loadcell in case


Our range of Texture Analyser accessories covers requirements for the use, maintenance and protection of your instrument.

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