Exponent Connect Version History

The numbers below are the major and minor version numbers, build number and issue number. So 7,0,1,0 is version 7.0 build 1 issue 0. All release versions are issue 0 so anything higher in the last group of digits is a test / special version.

Windows Platform Support

Currently supported platforms for version 7,0,0,0 onwards are: Windows 7 and Windows 8. 32 and 64 bit systems are supported for all these platforms.

Error in Egg Testing Haugh Unit Calculation

It has come to our attention that the Haugh Unit calculation in Exponent/Exponent Lite software (versions and lower) has an error in the location of a bracket within the formula. This is due to how formulas are translated into computer instructions.


HU = 100log(h-(1.7w)0.37+7.6)


HU = 100log(h-1.7w0.37+7.6)

We have made the appropriate correction for all future software versions (including Connect software) and can advise the following:

The grading of eggs may be affected. Changes will be most noticeable for those eggs that have a thin albumen (below 4mm) and coupled with a higher weight (e.g. 75g). For the majority of egg weights and albumen heights (that would have resulted in a high Haugh Unit) the egg grading will be unchanged.

7,0,6,0 (8th August 2019)

Added a print facility to the Security Configuration Dialog. (TEC 00060)

• The event log viewer was enabling the wrong menus. (TEC 00062)

• Fixed Calibration Failed details in Event Log. (TEC 00063)

• Fixed issue with curve fitting due to a mixture of absolute and relative time being used. (TEC 00065)

**** Support for Windows XP and Vista is now deprecated and will not be tested in the future. ****

7,0,5,0 (3rd June 2019)

• Increased force limit in T.A. Settings for 750kg loadcells. (TEC 00061)

7,0,4,0 (16th May 2019)

Fixed the following calculations that were using absolute time for anchors when relative time selected: Zero Point Correction, GoTo Percentage of, Export to Text File. (TEC 00032)

• Doing a Save As on a macro file was causing the "File has Changed" message. (TEC 00033)

• Fixed case were Goto Event was not always working for relative time. (TEC 00034)

• Fixed issue where changing results column units was updating the values but not updating the units text. (TEC 00035)

• Fixed placement of mark value text box on the graph when relative mode selected. (TEC 00038)

• Fixed issue with Smooth Line command on Exponent graphs and relative time. (TEC 00039)

• Fixed issue where the "No Load Cell Connected" message appeared when the safety screen is fitted and open. (TEC 00040)

• Disabled option to delete log entries when ESM is enabled. (TEC 00042)

• Fixed Probe Position Calibrated date in firmware information. (TEC 00043)

• Added ESM option to specify the minimum password length (>= 7). (TEC 00044)

• Fixed Linear Distance command so it shows the same result as Exponent. (TEC 00046)

• Fixed Fit Distance command that reduce an existing result spreadsheet value when it was recalculated. (TEC 00047)

• Fixed Force Maxima and Minima so they refresh the result spreadsheet correctly. (TEC 00048)

• Fixed issue with PPS setting when a comma is used for the decimal point. (TEC 00049)

• Fixed the Deformation Energy calculation so it produces the same result as Exponent. (TEC 00051)

• Updated Video playback to work with absolute time data. (TEC 00052)

• Fixed a software lockup when the Test Configuration path was set to My Documents and that resolved to just a drive letter, e.g. H:\ (TEC 00053)

• The result spreadsheet is now updated when the graph notes or parameters are changed for an existing graph row. (TEC 00054)

• Updated calibration failure messages so they better describe the error. Also requires firmware version 3.00237 or later. (TEC 00055)

• Fixed crash when a macro tries to select an axis type that can not be displayed. (TEC 00056)

• Reinstated the USB:* option in the communications port selection window. (TEC 00057)

• Fixed an issue with the option drop list in the Test Run Setting macro command edit dialog where it would select the wrong entry when re-displayed. (TEC 00058)

• Fixed issue with the generate curve command when used with absolute times. (TEC 00059)

• New Backup and Restore utility to work with connect.

• Addition of application studies and project files for: Viscous Polymer Stickiness using Mini Stickiness System (POL1/MSS), Brinell hardness for tablets (TAB4/PB), Measurement of switch actuation force and distance (SWITCH1/P05S), Poppy candy acoustics (CANDY1/AED), Measurement of mechanical keyboard force and distance (KEY1/P7D), Vickers hardness for Polymers/Chocolate (MATERIALS2/PV and CHOC2/PV), Shore A and D Hardness measurement of polymers (POL2/PS), Failure behaviour, brittleness index and tensile strength of tablets due to diametral compression using a cylinder probe (TAB1/P25), Determination of cooked spaghetti firmness using the AACC (66-52.01) Standard method (PTA6/LKB-F2)

7,0,3,0 (14th August 2018)

Deleting all data from a results file removed the "End of Test Data" tag which then caused issues when adding new data. (TEC 00023)

• Improved compatibility with the Windows High Contrast mode. (TEC 00024)

• Fixed issue with macro when using go-to commands after a quick test command when the graph window was hidden by another window. (TEC 00025)

• Fixed Move Probe To Preset menu commands. (TEC 00026)

• Live readings for the AED module now display dB values. (TEC 00027)

• Fixed issue where ARC file was sometimes only saved once after a test even though the Quick Calculations had analysed the data. (TEC 00028)

• Fixed crash when running a macro that contained the use of a BASIC RawData object. (TEC 00029)

• Fixed issue with Goto Max Value macro command when searching between anchors and relative Time is active. (TEC 00030)

• Fixed issue with generate curve function when the formula uses both captured and other User data sets. (TEC 00031)

7,0,2,0 (31st May 2018)

It is no longer possible to run a test with an unknown load cell type connected. (TEC 00018)

• Searching for Staus Bits Changed caused an error if the cursor was already on the last data point. (TEC 00019)

• The end of cycle event was not showing when the Time option was relative and the View - Analysing Data Only option was set. (TEC 00020)

• The chart option for Compare Batches is now implemented. (TEC 00021)

• Fix an error when sending the registration code to the T.A. (TEC 00022)

7,0,1,0 (24th April 2018)

First release of Exponent for the XTConnect range of instruments. Some of the new features above Exponent / XTPlus, HDPlus and XTExpress include:

• Faster processing speed for more complex tasks.

• Capture the Absolute Time from the start of test with option to view the old analysing relative time.

• Option to Record the data between analysed sections with the ability to show or hide as required.

• Variable PPS option via the Data Capture sequence command for the XTPlus Connect.

• Up to 2000 points per second per channel on the XTPlus Connect and 500 points per second on the XTExpress Connect.

• RS485 MODBUS capture at 1 point per second per channel for up to 4 channels.

• New TSI (Touch Screen Interface) for the Connect range of instruments for standalone operation and easy diagnostics. Includes multiple user interface, projects and even shows a summary graph of the current / last test.

• Advanced firmware update facility for multiple components within the instrument, including the TSI. This will allow new features to be added when they are released.

• Ability to connect a USB memory stick for file transfer and firmware updates.

• Attach Exponent Connect via USB (2 Mbits / second with a fast custom protocol) or Ethernet (10 Mbits / second using standard TCP/IP).

• Networking supports DHCP for easy configuration and SNTP for accurate automated time keeping.

• HTML network interface for access via PC, tablet and phone web browsers.

• Ability to store results and test data files (XTPlus Connect only) in the instrument that can be downloaded via one of the interfaces (USB, WEB browser or Exponent) to suit your situation.