World leaders in texture and physical property measurement

Established in 1987, Stable Micro Systems designs, manufactures and markets texture analysis equipment now standard within the food industry, and growing rapidly in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other manufacturing industries.

A dedicated team of designers and engineers provide customers with outstanding expertise and technical support, including an applications laboratory in which customers' test protocols can be optimised.

Key instruments in Stable Micro Systems' portfolio include the TA.XTplusC and the TA.HDplusC Texture Analyzers which can be used to test ingredients, semi-finished and finished products. Textural properties such as hardness, stickiness, brittleness and extensibility can be assessed and quantified by attaching different probes and fixtures to the instrument, either from an existing range or according to a customer bespoke requirement. Test results are analysed and data presented as user-friendly charts, reports, or graphs by Stable Micro Systems' specialist Exponent software.

Our product range also includes the Powder Flow Analyzer and the Volscan Profiler for accurately measuring the volume of bakery products.

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Distributed in the UK by its own sales force, Stable Micro Systems' products are available on every continent through a network of approved distributors and agents, who have been trained in all the major applications of the instruments.

The distributor for the United States and Canada is:

Texture Technologies

Your distributor will be able to provide you with all the information you need to assess the equipment prior to placing your order, and use their expertise to ensure that all your requirements are met in the shortest possible time.

You can also visit our Distributors page for links to the websites of other distributors across the world.

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