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Make sure you’ve got your test settings optimised for measurement of your product texture

Texture analysis testing

We would like to help you get the most from your Texture Analyser by enabling direct contact to our application laboratory from which useful testing advice can be given – free of charge.

Please complete all of the questions below (as thoroughly as possible) to enable us to optimise testing guidelines specific to your product.

Testing Advice Request

Please check the appropriate items and fill in your details on the form below along with any other message you would like to include.

Which instrument are you currently using?

Which software package are you currently using?

Product description

What are your ideal / convenient sample dimensions? (please state if there are no limitations to sample mass/dimensions)

Which textural properties / parameter(s) do you wish to measure / quantify?(please consider that only properties possessed by your sample can be measured. e.g. springiness is not applicable to chocolate)

Do you have a current sample assessment method? (if so, please give details)

Please note: All of the above fields must be completed for your request to be returned.

We will endeavour to provide testing advice as quickly as possible. Our response will be accelerated by your provision of complete details.

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